Baby Henry is sure to be safe in the arms of these proud new parents. Henry couldn’t have posed any better during this session. He was very sleepy and was a breeze to get into different posing positions. It won’t be long that he fits in daddy’s fireman’s hat, but for these first few days of life, he snuggled right in. These poses are so precious, we were lucky they turned out so well. Henry, you couldn’t be cuter.

Babies are so cute and wrinkly at this stage, I just love the newborn stage. Mom crocheted his little hat, dad provided his fireman gear and Henry provided his birthday suit. 🙂 We even lucked out and got a sweet smile. I’m sure he was dreaming of his puppy dog Charlie back at home.

Congratulations mom and dad, you’ve got a beautiful baby boy. We couldn’t be happier for you.

Lauren & Johnse

Baby boy posed in a fireman's hat. Cedar Rapids, IA Newborn Photographer