While Lauren is busy with taking your photos, editing and processing, answering your inquiries on email, facebook, text and phone, and just being awesome, she doesn’t have the time to spend on the back end part of the business. So that’s where I come in. I’m Johnse. Besides the role of husband and father, I play a number of other roles in our business from bookkeeping, IT department, creative consultant, photo prop/equipment grunt and even lighting test model (maybe I’ll dedicate a blog post to the many faces of Johnse at a later date…be sure to subscribe to ensure you see that one). More seriously, I try to keep the website current. I know I’ve not done a very good job at that, but this will be a focus going forward.

Lauren simply doesn’t have the time to do it all, so I get to finally put my marketing degree to use along with my experience in web content creation and web presence development. I enjoy writing and will be populating the website with more content in the future to help answer questions and provide resources for you on a number of topics all relating to photography…well maybe not all posts will be photography related. It’s safe to assume that the content on the site is my creation, with Lauren’s permission of course. At times I will write from the perspective of Lauren, but you can be sure that she’s approved it.

As we get further and further along the path of transitioning this photography operation from purely a hobby to a full blown business, we’re constantly learning new things and we’ve quickly realized that there is always something that we can do better. We need to continue to identify efficiencies and improve our workflow. Producing quality photographic art takes a lot of work, and in order to make this a success and continually provide you value, we’ll be making constant changes and adjustments along the way.

Earlier this week we changed the website template design. The beauty of using WordPress as the foundational structure of the website, is that it is fairly easy to do this quickly in a few button clicks. As I build the different pages and add new content, I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes along the way. I beg your forgiveness in advance, and certainly ask that you let me know if something doesn’t work or show properly. I invite your feedback and ideas for future content on the site.

I’m currently working on compiling a list of FAQs that Lauren gets asked consistently. If you have any specific ones that you would like addressed, please submit them to us so we can address them to the broader audience. Chances are if you’re thinking it, then others are as well.

I am committed to blogging more often and providing more samples of the photos that Lauren is taking of all of your beautiful faces. We have typically posted sneak peeks on facebook, and have all the intention of posting a blog as well, but the time that this requires is usually consumed by any number of other more important things. We’ve learned that surprisingly enough, not everyone has facebook. So they rely on the website and blog for updates.

What are you interested in seeing on the website? I invite you to subscribe by email to get blog notifications of the new content we will add.