I was running late on this day for this photo session out at Wickiup Hill in Toddville, IA. I was frustrated with myself for being late, but when I arrived, I was overwhelmed by the cuteness of these three children. They were so photogenic and cooperative, and were a breeze to work with.

Photographing children can be difficult because of their unpredictability. Photographing multiple kids in the same shot complicates the task even more as you try to get all of their attention into the same place with a smile at the same time. When it all comes together as it did during this session, it’s a great feeling, and the images are priceless.

Mom and dad must be so proud, and I’m sure will love these images for years to come. Thanks to the Kisslings for the opportunity to capture these photos, your kids are adorable, and even more well behaved. I wonder if the tooth fairy has visited their home recently. 🙂

Outdoor children's photography session at Wickiup Hill Lodge in Toddville, IA